Hey there!

photo shortI am honoured to have you as my guest.┬áIf you are here you are probably looking for something. You have a big beautiful heart and you know there is a big purpose for you on this planet. You have a lot of self-awareness and you’re never tired of learning more about yourself, others and this big beautiful world.

My name is Asselle. This is where I bare my soul, share my secrets and provide insights to help you rediscover the real you and get past your inner obstacles.

This is about self-discovery, deep healing and huge transformations. I believe we are all here to grow together and support each other on this journey called life. I believe we create our worlds with every thought, feeling and action. I also believe there is something greater than our thoughts, feelings and actions, and that is the spirit, the Divine, intuition and inner guidance we all have.

As we heal our unconscious patterns we absorbed from our parents and previous lifetimes, we step into a space of higher vibration where our lights can really shine. And by doing that we are also healing others around us, helping them raise their vibration.

My hope is that by telling my truth, holding the space and gently guiding you I can help you release your fears, transcend your limitations and embrace your full power.

To get started, check out my blogs and more about me.


I look forward to connecting with you!